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PREVENTING AND TREATING INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE (IBD) CRAB AND OTHER CRUSTACEAN SHELLS MAY HOLD THE KEY From the News Desk of Jeanne Hambleton Released: 6/24/2014 9:00 AM EDT Source Newsroom: Florida Atlantic University Newswise — Yoshimi Shibata, Ph.D., professor of … Continue reading

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Exercise Program in Senior Centers Helps Decrease Pain and Improve Mobility of Participants

Hospital for Special Surgery study shows program helps reduce arthritis pain for Asian seniors FROM THE NEWS DESK OF JEANNE HAMBLETON Released: 11/5/2013 12:45 PM EST Source Newsroom: Hospital for Special Surgery Newswise — Experts say it’s never too late … Continue reading

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Dual action

From Jeanne Hambleton’s FMS Global News Desk By Sandra Flahive (FiftySomething) January 10 2009 Bill and Susan Steffey of Grimes both have seen great physical improvements since they began exercising together at the Wellness Center at Mercy Medical Center. Susan, … Continue reading

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