I am back again going on about thunder and lightning which it appears is now rumbling on in the Midlands I believe. We heard a little thunder in the distance last night but nothing as worrying as the night before.

Today’s the Daily Mail has some spectacular pictures of lightning over the Isle of Wight and Brighton and London.

This was happening at 12.45am. I wonder if Jamie Russell, the photographer, who captured the Isle of Wight aerial display, had been out in is pyjamas or was he was on an all night vigil waiting for it to happen. Well done Jamie – a great picture.

These photographers are dedicated – come rain or come storm just to get the picture. I know I married a photographer. I am sure he thought so much of his camera he would have taken it to the bedroom with us but it was not my idea of privacy if you know what I mean.

The Daily Mail claims this was the night when lightning strikes were recorded as being 17,000 times over the Isle of Wight. It certainly was very noisey. Paul Harris who wrote the story claimed it was the ‘Daddy of All Storms’ with one of a most ‘breathtaking display in living memory’ with dazzling lightning….. not to mention the horrendous thunder that kept us awake.

It is said we paid the price with the storm for two of the hottest days of the year reaching 90F in one town in Kent.
We cannot say we had not been warned by the weather experts but at 1pm in the morning I was wondering why us? I think some Spanish weather had something to do with it.

But I had this lovely note yesterday from Carole who read my article almost as soon as I published it. Carole said:
“Thanks for all the information Jeanne. I also thought it was the loudest thunder I had ever heard in my life time. My Nanna was so frightened of it that apparently she hid under the kitchen table shaking. I am not frightened by it. My Auntie Doris used to tell me it was her late husband moving God’s furniture around, so I was never frightened.

“I actually like looking at the lightning, find it fascinating, and it usually clears the air, although that does not seemed to have happened today. Apparently we have some more coming tonight (Thursday), so take care Jeanne and keep under those covers. You remember Johnny’s Gun and I will see furniture being moved around. Sending hugs from Caro9le.”

Fortunately last night I think the Home Counties had the storms. I heard it in the distance but not enough to keep me awake or hiding under the covers.

I have not heard anything about the damage the storm might have done – must have missed BBC News or nodded off after a wakeful night.

More news to come tonight. Jeanne

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Journalist-wordsmith, former reporter, columnist, film critic, editor, Town Clerk and then fibromite and eventer with 5 conferences done and dusted. Interested in all health and well being issues, passionate about research to find a cure and cause for fibromyalgia. Member LinkedIn. Worked for 4 years with FMA UK as Regional Coordinator for SW and SE,and Chair for FMS SAS the Sussex and Surrey FM umbrella charity and Chair Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research UK - finding funding for our "cause for a cure" and President and co ordinator of National FM Conferences. Just finished last national annual Fibromyalgia Conference Weekend. This was another success with speakers from the States . Next year's conference in Chichester Park Hotel, West Sussex, will be April 24/27 2015 and bookings are coming in from those who raved about the event every year. I am very busy but happy to produce articles for publication. News Editor of FMS Global News on line but a bit behind due to conference. A workaholic beyond redemption! The future - who knows? Open to offers with payment. Versatile and looking for a regular paid column - you call the tune and I will play the pipes.
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