The Sydney Opera House in Australia is without doubt a remarkable building and it is certainly one that stands out in your memory, if only for the complex design. Is it beautiful – it depends on your view of beautiful? Is the design complex – yes it certainly is that.

Sydney Opera House (1957 – 1973) is a masterpiece of late modern architecture and was included in the World Heritage List in June 2007 with the comment: “Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th century”

One of the aspects which makes it outstanding is the distinctive roof that comprises sets of interlocking vaulted ‘shells’ set upon a vast terraced platform and surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses. 

When it was built at Bennelong Point in Sydney, it cost Australian $102 million, equivalent to Australian $859 million in 2012 according to the Wikipedia website.

With heritage listing it is certain many folks will b interested in having their own replica of the Sydney Opera House put together to tender loving care. I you have the ability to put it together from a carefully reproduction scale model for your own home.

Kickstarter is a vibrant community of people working together to bring new things to life and is supporting this project. Kickstarter is hoping to raise enough money to get this project up and running this designer’s project. The Kickstarter project is now on count down with just 16 days to go to get more backers worldwide and in Australia.

As it happens designer is my school pal’s son Marcus Bree who lives in Oz. Marcus wants folks all over the world to build it their own Opera House and this is the first I had heard of it.

Olive and I have enjoyed a long lasting friendship from secondary school, our first jobs, through romances, marriage, the birth of our babies and much more.

Although the Opera House is a million miles away from where I am sitting I suddenly feel a strong affinity with Marcus, as I remember him in short trousers. Now he hoping to make his name in Australia and worldwide with scale models of this magnificent building which you can now build yourself. He apparently has quite a collection of artistic buildings he has made himself.

The first I heard of it was when Olive wrote and said there is one exciting thing going on in our family – way out in Australia. Marcus has been working for ages on a specific model and is on Kickstarter trying to raise funds. I had not heard of it and do not suppose you have either but if you go to the following website you will meet our son and he will tell you what he is doing!

Good video and he has changed quite a bit since he left for Oz. Now a family man.

So far he has 160 backers (when I looked) and has exceeded the pledge of $26,650, Australia dollars. At time of writing he has only 16 days to get more backers. Well done Marcus and I really hope you get a lot of support.

Marcus won the Memento Award for his Queenslander model but since then thanks his shed at the bottom of the garden
he has quite a thriving little business.

Marcus also makes a great model kit of the Guggenheim in New York.

This year Marcus celebrates is 50th birthday and with the backing of Kickstarter project he hopes to be able to reach his target and have folks all over the world building their own little Opera house.

Olive tells me his instructions are brilliant and people who do models commend him on them and interested nippers of about 12 can make them. However the Sydney Opera House is QUITE daunting. The building is really complex. It is thought the architect who originally designed this fantastic building had endless problems – but that is all history.

Marcus of the Little Building Company writes, “I love visiting modern architectural masterpieces when I travel however, I am always disappointed at the selection of souvenirs to take home. Ties, cufflinks and coasters really don’t do anything for me.

“I would like a collection of exquisite architectural models and I believe that there are others that have the same interest and passion for these great buildings that I do.

“I have hatched a plan to do something about this and I will create products that do justice to these great buildings and their architect’s great works. My idea is to create a range of architectural models that have a truth to the materials they are made from and the feel that they came from the architect’s own studio.

“I have been designing and making ‘STUFF’ for a number of years. Exhibition stands, museum installations, displays, monuments, signage and more recently models. I love making things and I enjoy working out how things are made. I like meeting people who make stuff and finding out how they make stuff.

“I even love pulling ‘stuff’ apart… and I do not always put it back together! I think about stuff and I am passionate about ‘STUFF’.”
Log on to the website above if you want to be part of this exciting venture into what might be called lifetime souvenirs.

It would be great if we here in the UK, can support one of our own countrymen who are doing something pretty special.

The instructions are generated from the same drawing file the model is manufactured from. These drawings illustrate each stage and are supplemented with descriptive text. Photographic reference will also be provided online.
You have the fun part of building your own model.

I have tried to add pictures of both the Australia and New York notable buildings but all I got was a load of arsy-varsy (my new word). I got words not pictures. Sorry but you can find these building on the Internet. Talk soon Jeanne

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