September Awareness from Across the Pond

Courtesy Patient Advocacy

From the News Desk of Jeanne Hambleton

From the Editor Pamela Bennett, RN, BSN, CCE,
Executive Director, Healthcare Alliance Development

August. I love the sound of it, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-gust”. The “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” signals vacation, relaxation, renewal and re-energizing for the “gust” of energy I will need as I join many others heading into our September Pain Awareness efforts!

Are you ready for September Pain Awareness Month? How do you plan on raising awareness surrounding the issues that people with pain and their caregivers face every day? Looking for ideas? You can find some for your advocacy efforts at

Recently, we have surveyed you about YOUR Pain Advocacy Community e-newsletter. Based on your feedback, we are going to pilot some changes.

The first change you will notice is the frequency of what will now be called the “Pain Advocacy Community in Action” in your inbox. The pilot issues will arrive in September, November, and January. The format will also be a bit different.

We heard from you that you love the BUCKS BOX, so that will continue and will be enhanced.

Other sections will include:
Spotlight Organization
Featured Action Tools
Advocacy Tips & Timesavers
Voices of Hope.
We welcome your feedback throughout the trial about what you feel works and what could be improved. We welcome your feedback at

My hope is that if you have not experienced your “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” yet this summer, you will take some time to do so, even if it is for a few quiet moments each day!

Warmest regards,

We welcome your thoughts and feedback at

About jeanne hambleton

Journalist-wordsmith, former reporter, columnist, film critic, editor, Town Clerk and then fibromite and eventer with 5 conferences done and dusted. Interested in all health and well being issues, passionate about research to find a cure and cause for fibromyalgia. Member LinkedIn. Worked for 4 years with FMA UK as Regional Coordinator for SW and SE,and Chair for FMS SAS the Sussex and Surrey FM umbrella charity and Chair Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research UK - finding funding for our "cause for a cure" and President and co ordinator of National FM Conferences. Just finished last national annual Fibromyalgia Conference Weekend. This was another success with speakers from the States . Next year's conference in Chichester Park Hotel, West Sussex, will be April 24/27 2015 and bookings are coming in from those who raved about the event every year. I am very busy but happy to produce articles for publication. News Editor of FMS Global News on line but a bit behind due to conference. A workaholic beyond redemption! The future - who knows? Open to offers with payment. Versatile and looking for a regular paid column - you call the tune and I will play the pipes.
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