Research Company links CFS and Lupus to Weak Cellular Electricity

From the FMAS Global News Desk of Jeanne Hambleton

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Doylestown, PA (TransWorldNews)

BiomagScience, a leading development company in magnetic research therapy spanning 30 years believes that health conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus or even Fibromyalgia are directly linked to abnormally low-powered electricity in the cells of the body.

A senior spokesperson explains “From our testing and experience, chronic conditions such as CFS, fibromyalgia, and lupus are often indications of below-normal, weak cellular voltage which creates mal-absorption (cannot take on nourishment). When the cells have such weak voltage, they do not have the energy to acquire the electrolytes needed to have the energy to get nourishment; literally stuck in a low-energy Catch 22.

BiomagScience had a client with CFS and fibro for 25 years with low cellular voltage and mal-absorption. She explains that she tried every therapy including a commercial magnetic pad to overcome the CFS; nothing helped. Even a slight nutritional supplementation would throw her into crisis because her body could not metabolize it. Then she tried BiomagScience’s lower CVS therapy and her cell’s voltage started to go up in an hour. Today, she is healthy and active and continues to use BiomagScience therapy to maintain her energy.”

Recently, another BiomagScience client shared his experience with someone who at 43, had been suffering horribly from lupus since she was 29. “While at her house, she became so ill she had to go to the emergency room because her digestive system barely works; just one of the many things that plague her because of the lupus. I turned her onto BioMagnets. Following the therapy book, she has been doing [BiomagScience] meridian therapies for almost a week. Within a few days, her transformation has been to say the least awe inspiring. She could not drink water before and she’s already on her second gallon of magnet water. And the most amazing thing… She is hungry for the first time in a long time.”

In the early 90’s, a client’s sister with lupus reported the same experience to the magnetic therapy. BiomagScience explains: “At that time, we did not understand what was taking place. Now we understand the cells are dependent on their electricity to function correctly. No matter how the energy was lost that may have started the condition, we have identified certain magnetic protocols that support the body’s ability to restore its weak electricity. This is particularly important with mal-absorption because nothing else [we know of] seems to work.

Our Wellness Kit contains all the various types of BioMagnets and alternative protocols to help assist the body in overcoming mal-absorption (often at the root of many chronic conditions). To review our research for other conditions, we invite everyone to view to see our advanced circuit protocols in meridian, organ-group, daytime, nightime, joint, nerve and other therapies that provide the complementary alternative energy to assist in healing.”

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