It is a first! A new single CD called Fibro What? is being launched next month to raise funds for research in the hope it may lead to a cure for the invisible disability, fibromyalgia.

The new upbeat tune is written and sung by comedy songwriter Dom Collins, who has a dear friend with fibromyalgia. The CD is supported by three lighthearted songs, based on the belief that laughter is the best medicine.

The tracks with three of them a bit tongue in cheek, include Fibro What? A girl called Chips, Does my arse look big in these? Can you lend me a tenner please Dad?

A Comedy Songwriter Of The Year, Dom Collins, a Manchester lad who day job is a ‘postie’, always receives great reviews and writes about what he knows – day to day events – and guarantees no bad language. This cheeky Mancunion, a City supporter, who follows in the footsteps of George Formby, Mike Harding, Bob Williamson and Richard Digance, claims he will attend any private function including divorces, vasectomies, as well as coming out of or going into prison.

Always ready for a laugh his reviews include

· Folk say “We have heard nothing like that since Mike Harding” and that’s nice innit!?!

· “They would have kept you on stage for another two hours if we had let them.”

· “Baring infernal intervention, this lad is gonna be bloody big!! I mean he is going all the way” – CD Review From Chorlton Folk Club

Although the four track singles CD will be available next month, it is hoped that fibromites everywhere will purchase a copy to support research to play on May 12 the International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, at their coffee mornings or other awareness events.

Dom’s friend, Chris Thomson who has fibromyalgia, said, “Dom has done other charity work and I knew he would help if he could. He has done a great job and we are proud of him. I have seen him on stage and he had me in stitches.”

To read more about Dom log on to
For more information about the availability of the four track singles CD called Fibro What? Please email me at

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