by Jeanne Hambleton © 2007
NFA Leader Against Pain-Advocate

wealth and happiness and no flares May I wish everyone a Happy New Year with health, or pain. Of course pigs might fly – if it happens in television I suppose it can happen anywhere. We live in hopes.

I imagine that like me you are glad Part 1 is over – all that expense and present giving is behind you – but not the New Year Resolutions…….

I wonder if you were like one lucky fibromite who seems to have sorted Christmas out, remain sane, and relatively well. What is more she apparently had the goodwill to all men (well women) knocking at her door – and that is all the year round – not just at Christmas. I wonder if they get a homemade mince pie – a Linda special?

Here is what Linda Allen told me, “Christmas shopping!!  Well, I have to admit I shopped online Jeanne for most things, even my food shopping. A nice man from Tesco brings it to my house and carries it through to my kitchen. As I have been shopping this way for over 12 months and know most of the drivers they start putting it away most of the time  (ha ha ha) depending if I am upright or on my crutches etc. They are really fabulous and so helpful – just great guys. I would never shop from choice in store for my weekly food shopping again, to be honest, unless its for bits and pieces.

“I was never a fan of the whole shopping thing anyway so since I discovered Internet shopping I am in my glory. It is the same with present shopping, Argos is fab, so are Toys-r-Us. You choose your shopping, pay for it and a nice man brings it into your house. He will even run it upstairs for you if you ask nicely, and I do believe me  – ask nicely. So……what bit of stocking filler shopping I had to do was done on good days fortified by an extra morphine pill and it has been fairly enjoyable if that can ever be.

“I am also registered with the shop mobility scheme in my local shopping centre so that helps if I am feeling pooped or in too much pain. My local Tesco is fab. They know us all and if I am alone I am practically ordered into the wheelchair shopping trolley. If the staff think I look a bit grey around the gills then they help at the tills and will not let me out of the seat until they have loaded the conveyor and packed the other end. I get told off and told to sit still – in a nice way of course. They are so lovely and helpful, yet if I am looking ok-ish they leave me alone because they know I would rather be independent and do it all myself if I can. It is funny to watch them ‘hovering’ though ready to help if needed and hands appearing from over my shoulder if they think I can’t reach something. It is really nice for people to be so caring?

“But Jeanne, anyone who knows me knows I am not a moaner, whinger, pretender or any other malingering person. I will help myself first and foremost and only accept physical help if I am in agony and absolutely cannot manage myself under any circumstances. I am my own worst enemy.”

“My life is for living not for sitting in a chair rocking!!  My life is precious and I value what time I have on my feet and make the most of every day with my kids. I do whatever I can whenever I can because tomorrow I could be frustrated and stuck in bed!!”

Did you feel a New Year’s resolution coming on? Well it is not a bad idea.

When traveling to the States some time ago my ticket and passage was arranged by another fibromite, who said she had organized wheelchair assistance for us both at the airport when booking tickets. I was horrified as at that time I was still able to get around on my two feet even though I would be exhausted by the traipsing around the airport corridors. She reminded about the long long walks to the lounges and messing about through all the check points and said quite pointedly that I needed to use the wheelchair to conserve what energy I had to do other things.

In hindsight she was right, so what I am saying is if you can find an easier way to do your shopping or if someone offers you help (even if they do not do your way), seize the offer with both hands, and save your energy for your time with your children, your husband, partner or doing what you most enjoy. This is a good philosophy and not a bad New
Year’s resolution – but this one is not to be broken.

Just in case you are wondering I do not have shares in Tesco, Argos or even Toys-r-Us…
Enjoy the holiday. Take care. Jeanne

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