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“It breaks my heart when she cries……” This is the story of Ronald J. Waller, who wrote a touching essay about his wife’s fibromyalgia. Called “She Cries” that can be found with links to his other works on together.

Ronald wrote to me saying, “I took on the project, as my wife, Carolyn, suffers from this condition, in the hope that it would help to raise awareness in the arena of fibromyalgia and the silent destruction this demon seeks to inflict upon all who are in it’s grip.”

Ronald has written “She Cries” adding that watching “My best friend, my wife, suffer from this condition compels me to write, inform and continue to learn more about this Demon who not only invades Carolyn’s life but also has affected all who are close to her.

“I am honored and humbled that you want to use these works in your endeavors to educate and inform the medical arena; I never thought my writing would reach so many people on this kind of scale and I could not be more pleased at learning about your efforts. I applaud your efforts and commitment to seeking a better life for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia. I hope we can continue to work together to bring the demon, fibromyalgia, to its knees.”

Ronald’s website questions what is fibromyalgia, outlines the symptoms and discusses the pain which knows no boundaries. He describes Carolyn’s pain in the legs as similar to “burning hot grease” adding even the sheets on the bed leaves her purple with irritation.

He said friends had abandoned her and the common choice of words is, “It’s all in her head”. Doctors shake their heads and wonder what to do next, says Ronald.

Sleepless nights and fibro fog are commonplace. To add to Carolyn’s condition she has endured numerous operations on her back, wrist and knee “not to mention the Mollaret’s Meningitis that she suffered from while in the Army”.

Ronald adds,” To know Carolyn Waller, however, you would not know she suffers these multiple medical issues at first glance. Always quick to smile, always ready to listen to another’s problems, always there to tell that joke, placed just right, to put another at ease. I continue to be amazed at her strength and her courage; it remains an honor to be a part of my wife’s life, and a privilege to be allowed in her inner circle to help as I can.

“Carolyn has been my friend when none other could be found; my supporter as I pursue my dreams as a writer; my guide as I overcome my own demons. This veteran (both from the service and from the battles she wages currently) never fails to leave another better off for having come across her path. I know this as personal fact. I am constantly amazed and humbled by the gift of her love and the generosity she freely gives to others. Maybe this is her best weapon in her fight with FMS.  Fibromyalgia. Have you heard of it? It breaks my heart when she cries….”

A dedicated couple Carolyn describes Ronald as the best husband in the world although he himself is not a well man. He suffers from post concussion head aches, and has severe pain in his joints in his legs and feet from extreme laxtivity, his joints are giving away it is hereditary.  This has left him using a cane inside the house like me and we both use electric wheelchairs when we leave our apartment.  As a matter of fact they are our only means of transportation.  He is on a mess of medications and it is hard for him to write now, but you all have really changed him and made him feel really good and useful.
“We spend every minute of every day together and very rarely have words against each other.  I love him with all my heart and was so lucky to find him, wrote Carolyn. At a time of the year when we send  Christmas cards to acquaintances and often sign them ’with love’, I think this story illustrates true love. I wish them both every happiness for the rest of their lives.

You may reach Carolyn at and Ronald at if you have any questions.
The full transcript of this dedication can be found on the Internet under

Ronald J. Waller is a published disabled writer whose work can be found on
RjsWritingLoft.Com || MyBlog and his website. Written in honor of my wife and best friend it is headed, “For you, Princess.”

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