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I don’t know how in the world a ‘Man in a Bear Suit’ won the prestigious UK Turner Prize. I am still shaking my head in amazement. I would suggest the judges should have looked at


before making their decision. This certainly brought a lump to my throat. Read on for more details.

Some of you will remember my November story FOOD FOR SKINNY KIDS. This highlighted how lucky our children are compared to the starving, poverty stricken and dying children in Africa.

No, I have not heard from Bob Geldorf who I referred to in the earlier story, but my spirits have been lifted with the creativity of an 8 year old girl in the UK.

While other children are doing list of the gifts they want from Santa Claus, Sunnie, her brothers Harrison and Morgan, and the children they play with – Ruby, Bethany, Erika, Lucy, Ellie, Declan, Tyler, Robyn and Nancy – who ages range between 4 and 11 – are drawing pictures to raise money for African children less fortunate than themselves. Originally they intended to sell the pictures to passers-by. Now they plan to sell these on the Internet to raise £18 a month to send an African girl, who has had no education, to school.

With the help of a friend of her mother, Sunnie now had a website called about her art 4 Africa where the children are selling their pictures to help those less fortunate than themselves. To look at and buy the children’s pictures to help the African children, log on to


I hope this will pull your heart strings at this time of the year when most kids want new electronic Wii games at £279 or £320, these children are thinking about the starving African youngsters.

The site tells you these original works of art have been created by the children of the Little Angels Club, to help raise money for less fortunate children in Africa. All proceeds from the sale of the artworks will be donated directly to Worldvision.org. Please take a look at the Art for Sale section of the site, and then email Sunnie with your artwork request.

Sunnie’s page suggests when you purchase one of the Little Angels pieces of art, remember the image reference number, and email her with the details. She will check the availability and email back details for making your payment.

Original art on canvas costs £9.99; original art on A4 paper is £4.00 including postage and packing. Email Sunnie on: sunnie@art4africa.co.uk if you want to support her selfless charitable project.

The original pictures include drawings, paintings and collages of the children themselves, someone’s brother, their mums, several angels, various animals, a boat, a home, a picture called “pretty” by a 4 year old, and several `art’ creations, collages and a love heart. This will inevitably change as the pictures are sold and replaced.

News of Sunnie’s new charity venture came to me from Sunnie’s proud mother who affectionately calls the children the Little Angels. The children have played together at weekends and during holidays for a long time and she says they are “not a scrap of trouble”. They are now living up to their name.

Sunnie’s mother writing about the creativity of her 8 year old said, “My daughter Sunnie was sitting at the table one Sunday – as she does, busy with art but this time it was different. She was creating beautiful pieces of art saying she was going to sell them on a table in our drive and that the money was going to pay for children in Africa.

“Well I could not let such a wonderful loving and creative idea go to waste – so with some help from a friend, Sunnie now has a website selling art for those African children.

Log on to http://www.art4africa.co.uk

“Her brothers, Harrison and Morgan, and the other Little Angels have been busy creating too. On Thursday I rang WorldVision.org and Sunnie, the boys and the children are now sponsoring a little girl born on the same day as Sunnie, 20 November 1999, and she is 8 too. Her name is Fatou. It will cost £18 per month to send her to school. She has never been to school. Fatou lives in a very deprived area with barely any clean water and high HIV/Aids risk.

“Sunnie and the children can write to her and send her photos and gifts and she can write back. When asked what she has always wanted she asked for a rag doll. On Thursday afternoon we bought her first rag doll, which we will post now, hopefully in time for Christmas.

“The little girl’s photo arrived this morning – Fatou – and I cried when I saw her photo – she is beautiful. Please support Sunnie, the children and Fatou. We pray that this will be very successful so that we can support and help more children.

“For Sunnie and the children to be able to write to Fatou is wonderful – they will know what their art is achieving for a child less fortunate than them, all the way across the world. If any of you have websites – please link with Sunnie and spread the word by forwarding the details. Our children of today want to and can make a difference if and only if we as adults support them in doing so

“Enough said really – no words describe how proud I am of Sunnie and her ideas and how proud I am of the beautiful pictures created by all the Little Angels,” she said.

I learned that the Little Angels are children who come to play. It started in September 2006. Their ages range form 4 to 11 and there are 12 children altogether. Sunnie, Harrison, Morgan, Declan, Bethany, Ruby, Ellie, Lucy, Erika, Tyler, Nancy, Robyn. Occasionally other children join in too. The money to send Fatou to school is paid to WorldVision by direct debit each month.

Sunnie’s mother told me, “We hope to sponsor more African children in need of help and loving care in with the art project. Sunnie has been a good girl and has been typing answers to emails. She has answered 7 emails today in one finger type *smile* and started her own blog so people can see what she is up to with the art for Africa.”

When Sunnie’s website went live at the weekend, her email was very busy with orders, well wishers and folks wanting to help. Is this the Spirit of Christmas Past or Christmas Future?

I wish this venture lots of luck and immense support. You will help Sunnie, won’t you? With such initiative she certainly needs as much encouragement, as a citizen of tomorrow, as we can possibly give her. With this project, who knows where the future will lead her. Sunnie in name and certainly sunny by nature.

Good luck Sunnie and may you help lots and lots of African children.

Log on now – let this be your Christmas charity gift – http://www.art4africa.co.uk – and then email sunnie@art4africa.co.uk .You have to admire Sunnie’s spirit. Be back soon.


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