Good morning Members of Parliament

by Jeanne Hambleton © 2007
NFA Leader Against Pain – Advocate

I have taken the liberty of writing to you as you have either shown an interest in the withdrawal of co-proxamol and/or fibromyalgia by questions in the House or you are a member of the APPG for Fibromyalgia. Thank you for your time.

I would ask you please to log on to the address below, consider the article and the comments at the bottom which have appeared in the first 24 hours of posting. Thank you. If you have any questions I am happy to answer them. If you have any comments I can print, I would be more than delighted to use them as given. Many thanks.

For the record you can Goggle me. I am a UK journalist FMS, diagnosed 2002. Since that time I have been prescribed co-proxamol to help me deal with the pain and disability. Very recently I fell and have 3 fractures of the pelvic bone and a fractured wrist. I am prescribed bed rest for 3 months to allow the bone to deal, no weight bearing and living on the maximum dose of c o-proxamol for almost two months to deal with the constant pain plus fibromyalgia. .

I have been following its ‘descent’ of co-proxamol over the past months and now worry if M&A, who appear to be the main manufacturer making the painkillers I am prescribed, will be carrying on after January 1st. I am not due to end my bed rest until the end of January.

The comments in the co-proxamol story (found at the above address) raise several important questions for fibromites, those who suffer with CFS/M E, arthritis, long term chronic illness and the other 72,000 who have used this safe 50 year old painkiller. What has changed? The people who commit suicide? There are hundreds of drugs folk could use to do this – why ban co-proxamol…especially now, according to a certain new book, it seems poor Dr Kelly did N OT take an overdose of these capsules.

If our doctors are unwilling to prescribe this pain killer for risk of legal action, is it not possible that the last manufacturer will find it uneconomical to continue producing this drug for a small minority who have persuaded their doctors to prescribe because they are reliable, sober, and in serious pain. .

We do need a review of this whole ridiculous situation. Can it be made available under normal prescription again if patients sign a disclaimer to abide by the dosage and alcohol requirements?

PLEASE can you raise it in the House of Commons again – Gordon Brown has made enough mistakes by himself – he does not need this one as well. The nation will be even more miserable than it is now with 72,000 patients suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to the disappearance of co-proxamol. Even Arthritis Care agree with me.

Thank you for your time an I look forward to receiving your comments.

Kind regards

Jeanne Hambleton

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Folllowing Rick Usher's death in December 2008, at his request in September of that year, I had agreed, as his principal contributor and an experienced journalist, to run the FMS Global News service due to his heavy commitments to music and raising research funds through this avenue. Following his sad and sudden death I hope to continue his work as he would have wished.
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2 Responses to Good morning Members of Parliament

  1. jeannehambleton77 says:

    If only I could spell as well a write – apologies for errors. It is not that I do not know how to spell. I have passes in English – (no not bus passes) – but it is fibro fog…

    Has anyone got a cure for fibromyalgia or fibro fog please? Co-proxamol helps but it does not help you spell – it only stops the pain.

    I have told the MPs who stood up in Parliament and those who are members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fibromyalgia. Now will you tell your friends and family please to talk to their MPs. Thanks. Hope you ex-UK-iers are listening – we need your support. Jeanne

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