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Good morning Folks,

This came to me from Julia from the Fibro Fighters (UK) who with her friend Diane is seeking support for our precious Red Arrows – the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, a formidable bunch of pilots who do fly pasts for royalty and other important occasions.

The team has already been threatened by budget cuts and survived – now they are said to be “too British” to appear at an international event in the UK. What rot! It is time for the stiff upper lip and all that tosh old bean!

If the Olympics are to be held in the UK surely we will be flying the Union Jack – and that is very British – and even St. George’s flag. I just cannot see the justification for this decision!

To us UK-iers, the Red Arrows are known worldwide as a British flying team. To me this is red tape gone barmy – another case of politically correct with a very small ‘p’. What do you think?

If you would like to know more about the RAF Red Arrows look at their website ( where they are described a world ambassadors. The website states,
The Red Arrows are renowned throughout the world as ambassadors for both the Royal Air Force and the United Kingdom. Since the Team was officially formed in 1965, the Red Arrows have completed over 4,000 displays in 52 countries.

Why are they not booked to perform in their own country on this auspicious occasion? If you agree they should be flying at the Olympics to be held in the UK in 2012, please sign the petition. Those ‘daring young men in their flying machines’ need all the support they can get.

I know it is not quite fibromyalgia news – but I guess some of us have been ‘high flyers’ ourselves before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, cognitive problems, sleeplessness – shall I go on? I think you know the rest. They are all nasties associated with the syndrome along with tingling in the arms and legs and that pain in the butt (literally- pass me a soft cushion please!).

Subject: Red Arrows 2012 from Julia, Fibro Fighter

Dear Jeanne
I thought you might like to sign this? The world-famous Red Arrows have been banned from appearing at the 2012 London Olympics because they are deemed “too British”.

Organisers of the event say that the Arrows military background might be “offensive” to other countries taking part in the Games. The display team has performed at more than 4000 events worldwide, but the Department of Culture, Media and Sport have deemed the display team “too militaristically British”. Red Arrows pilots were said to be “outraged”, as they had hoped to put on a truly world class display for the Games, something which had never been seen before. Being axed from a British-based event for being “too British” is an insult – the Arrows are a symbol of Britain.

The Red Arrows have been excellent ambassadors for British overseas trade, as they display their British-built Hawk aircraft all over the world. The Arrows performed a short fly past in 2005 when the winning bid was announced, but their fly past at the Games was to have been truly spectacular. It is to be hoped that common sense prevails If you disagree with this decision, sign the petition on the link below

It takes less than a couple of minutes. You then receive an email for confirmation and you are done. I should add that at the time of writing there were already 191,910 signatures for the petition and a cryptic comment from the Government saying it is not banning the Red Arrows. Either way we must make a lot of noise and make our feelings known to the nation and hope the Prime Minister intervenes. He said he would listen to the public – one of those many promises. .

Incidentally if you are interested in fibromyalgia forums, Fibro Fighters is a good site – not all moans and groans and depression. It is bright, cheerful, and friendly and can do you a tonic of good if you register and join in. A great bunch of fibromites. Certainly worth a look.

Take care. Keep well. Jeanne

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