American College of Radiology Launches ACR Image Metrix(TM)

Contract Research Organization to Support Industry Advances in Patient Care

RESTON, Va., March 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The American College of Radiology (ACR) is proud to launch ACR Image Metrix(TM), a new contract research organization (CRO) that will leverage the ACR’s 30 years of experience in coordinating large-scale clinical research to accelerate advances in radiologic care and fund future research to benefit patients.

ACR Image Metrix offers a complete menu of imaging CRO services, from study design to design of electronic data forms and image archiving, to image interpretation and quantitation.

 ACR Image Metrix is headquartered in the College’s Philadelphia office, alongside the ACR’s clinical research division, the leading research organization in radiology for more than three decades. This division has provided administrative, data management, information technology, image archival, and statistical support for more than 500 clinical research studies.

The ACR and the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN)(R) have a proven history in developing trials that standardize the use of imaging technologies, image transmission and archive, and quantification of image data to reduce variability associated with these activities, reduce the size and cost of trials, and produce more reliable results.

The ACR’s clinical research programs are among the largest recipients of federal medical research grants and have an established reputation for handling large-scale clinical trials involving up to 50,000 patients and some 50 million images at a time. ACR Image Metrix will leverage the same infrastructure and expertise, but will provide support to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and medical device manufacturers seeking
Food and Drug Administration approval to bring new drugs, therapies, and medical devices to market.

“ACR Image Metrix is another avenue to advance one of the College’s key missions, which is to advance the science of radiologic care through large scale clinical research,” said Bruce J. Hillman, M.D., FACR, ACR Image Metrix director of scientific affairs.” The ACR, as a leader in clinical research, has the capacity and infrastructure to complete an increasing number of research projects simultaneously. ACR Image Metrix allows the
College to enhance the ability of various imaging and radiation oncology stakeholders to bring lifesaving and life-enhancing advances to patients in a more timely and efficient manner.”

Revenue from the various research projects carried out by ACR Image Metrix will be used to help fund future ACRIN, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group(R), and Quality Research in Radiation Oncology (Q-RRO) (TM) studies.

“ACR Image Metrix will enhance the ACR’s proven ability to provide leadership in developing new diagnostic and therapeutic measures that will benefit patients worldwide. We are excited about the opportunity to further advance the science of radiology and radiation oncology, both through the research that ACR Image Metrix will be directly involved in and the ACR research that will be funded as a result of the Image Metrix efforts,” said Hillman.

To learn more about ACR Image Metrix please visit or call (888) 817-0817.

SOURCE American College of Radiology

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