Global Fibromyalgia Awareness Quilt

The members of Fibrohugs have been very busy lately. Fibrohugs is a global support and awareness website for people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and has something for the entire family.

This week Fibrohugs announced a “Global Fibromyalgia Awareness Quilt.” Some squares for the quilt have already arrived from Australia, as well as the US and Canada. Soon they will start coming in from the UK and all around the world. We are asking for people with fibromyalgia and groups to get involved with this project.

From Tenderpoints

Worldwide Fibromyalgia Awareness Quilt Project

This is a Worldwide action call for squares needed to create a Fibromyalgia Awareness Quilt. What an awesome Awareness tool for the Fibromyalgia Community to use. This quilt will be advertised throughout the World as a recognized Fibromyalgia project where the patients refuse to sit back idle and accept a life of silent pain.

This quilt will have the personality of Fibromyalgia patients around the globe and have a massive impact on the spectrum of the disease. Please participate wherever you are. They have already received participation from as far away as Australia, awesome. Get yourself on this quilt as soon as you can, don’t miss out. Details of your participation are found below.

Your squares need to arrive by May 15th, 2007. If too many squares are received there will likely be more than one quilt created. The quilts are sewn as the squares come in so if you want to be included do it quick as they’re on a first come basis.

About your participation:

You will need a 13 inch x 13 inch square material of cotton/poly fabric, any color.  Make sure you leave a one inch border all the way around the fabric. This outside border is needed for sewing the pieces together. So when making your masterpiece remember to just use the inside 12 inch square because the outside 1 inch border will be sewn under and unseen.  Because this is a Worldwide project, and we want to express how wide spread the disease is, preference would be given to squares that have to do with where you are from. If you’re active on a certain Fibromyalgia web site, or sites, the name of that site and your Username would be good to have on there as well. Also, the year you were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia would be a good addition.

Embroidered or appliquéd would be the preference, but fabric paint is also ok.  (It just doesn’t hold up as well in the long run)  You can use any color, maybe your States/Prov color? Or the State/Prov colleges colors?  Just an idea!

As an example, one could take a silver fabric and put the outline of the state of Nevada on it, with a star where they are at, their Username and 1992 as the date they were officially diagnosed.  But this is not what you have to do. Variety and originality to make this a very unique and special quilt is what has everyone excited.

When completed the quilt will auctioned on the Fibromyalgia Awareness eBay page or raffled off at the Fibromyalgia Conference in May, 2008. 100% of the profits go toward Fibromyalgia Research with the Receipt posted on the Fibrohugs web site at to assure legitimacy.

Become part of History, get your square sent NOW!!

Thanks to everyone that is helping with this fundraising and awareness project!!

All squares are sent to:

Becky Schluter
P O Box 9022
Moscow, Idaho  83843

If you have any questions, please e-mail  Becky will get back to you as soon as she can.  Also, if you have any other fundraising ideas, or questions, please let her know.

Ken Euteneier
Fibrohugs Fibromyalgia Support

FMS Global News


About FMS Global News

Folllowing Rick Usher's death in December 2008, at his request in September of that year, I had agreed, as his principal contributor and an experienced journalist, to run the FMS Global News service due to his heavy commitments to music and raising research funds through this avenue. Following his sad and sudden death I hope to continue his work as he would have wished.
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